A pioneer in the field of operational oceanography, our work contributes to improving models and further developing operational systems.

  • Design and development of operational ocean forecast systems
  • Coupling sediment dynamics and biogeochemistry
  • Internal wave modelling
  • Oceanographic radar measurements and data processing

Operational sea surface current, sea state and wind direction measurement system using HF radar

SHOM, Iroise Sea, since 2006

  • Design, implementation and maintenance of a pair of oceanographic radars.
  • Qualification of radar measurements with in situ measurements.
  • Development of services using these measurements.

Development and maintenance of sea state modelling software

SHOM, Global Ocean, 2008-2014

  • Design and development of an operational sea state forecasting system.
  • Improvement of the system to characterize breaking waves.

Development of a sediment transport module coupled with an ocean model

SHOM, English Channel, Bay of Biscay, 2015-2016

  • Design and development of a sediment transport module reproducing bed-loading, erosion and deposition phenomena.
  • Function tests on schematic and realistic models.

Development of a coupling between a biogeochemical and an ocean models

SHOM, English Channel, Bay of Biscay, 2016-2019

  • Requirement of the coupling.
  • Configuration of the biogeochemical model and its coupling.
  • Long-term simulations under different forcing conditions and interpretation of the simulation results.