Rapidly developing coastal activity, for which we provide impact assessments and monitoring services.

  • Impact assessment of development projects on agitation, current, sediment
  • Impact assessment of development works on sediment dispersion and turbidity
  • Metocean forecasts and monitoring impacts during installation and operational phases

Sediment dynamics study for a dredging project at the port entrance

Rogliano, Corsica, France, 2013-2014

  • Development and use of metocean models.
  • Evaluation of sediment transport.
  • Study of different scenarios for the installation of a groyne.

Impact study of ocean disposal of sediment dredged in ports

French Marine Protected Areas Agency, Iroise Sea, 2015

  • Description of habitats and of metocean conditions.
  • Development and use of metocean models with a module of dispersion and deposit of suspended matter, and with a near-field model to refine the dispersion in piling areas.
  • Impact of different piling scenarios and for different sediments.

Impact study of a harbour dredging and polder project

Brittany Region, Roadstead of Brest, 2012-2015

  • Definition of project hypotheses in working and operational phases.
  • Development and use of metocean models.
  • Impact assessment of the project under different metocean conditions.
  • Client support at meetings to present study results.

Operational forecasts for monitoring of harbour works

EMCC, La Rochelle, France, 2016

  • Statistics on favorable weather window regarding waves and wind.
  • Development and use of metocean models and deployment of the forecast service to supply operational forecasts, warning and qualification reports.