metocean forecast

customized and operational metocean forecast and warning services

Metocean parameters

picto wind

Atmospheric parameters

wind, gust, temperature, humidity, pressure, visibility, rainfall, nebulosity

picto wave

Sea states

wind sea, swell

picto current


2D, 3D

picto water level

Water level

mean sea level, tide

picto sediment


suspended solids, bed load

picto hydrology


temperature, salinity, density

picto quality

Water quality

suspended matters, bacterial germs

picto biogeochemistry


nutrients, oxygen, phytoplankton, nitrogen

Key features

picto clock


picto worldwide


picto quick answer

quick response

picto multi-platform


Our 5 commitments

  • Rapid delivery of your customized service.
  • Technical support from design to service improvement.
  • Compliance with standards.
  • Selection and accuracy assessment of the most reliable forecasts.
  • Description of methods and databases used.

On-demand services to go further

  • Object drift forecasts, back-trajectories.
  • HF radar installation and processed data supply (current, waves, wind).
  • Short-term statistical forecasts from measurements.
  • Eddy forecasts in coastal areas.
  • Metocean statistics supply.


Our references

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