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APOSTROPHE APOSTROPHE There are no translations available. APOSTROPHE est un projet sélectionné par le Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), dont l'objectif... Read more
MERIFIC MERIFIC   The MERIFIC project "Marine Energy in Far Peripheral and Island Communities" will seek to advance the adoption of marine energy on the... Read more
HYPLITT HYPLITT     HYPLITT, another project run by France's defence procurement agency, the DGA, is aimed at assessing the ability of hyperspectral... Read more
STRADIVARIUS STRADIVARIUS   The aim of the STRADIVARIUS project is to develop and test next-generation surface wave HF radar, able to detect small vessels out to 20... Read more
VIGICOTE VIGICOTE   VIGICOTE is a project of the Hydrographic and Oceanographical Service of the French Navy (SHOM), which aims at the measurement of the ... Read more


« La mer est un espace de rigueur et de liberté »  Victor Hugo

to benefit the sea


The operational oceanography is aiming to measure and forecast the marine environment parameters
by implementing operational observation and forecast system,
tailored to the requirements of the sea users.


Actimar is a service company devoted to maritime and coastal activities:

  • Metocean studies and high-resolution coastal oceanography
  • High-resolution remote sensing by radars and optical sensors (lidar and hyperspectral)
  • Development and implementation of operational systems for decision-making aids

In a highly specialised and ever-progressing sector, Actimar focuses its activities especially on developing innovative products tailored to the requirements of professional stakeholders and users of the sea.

ClimReport ClimReport Wednesday, 01 October 2014 14:36 Actimar launches its new product ClimReport providing monthly statistics of metocean parameters anywhere in the world ocean. Read more

Actimar obtained the level 1 of iso 9001 certification